BLACKPINK - Hard to Love

BLACKPINK - Hard to Love
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  • Дата релиза: 16.09.2022
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Блэк пинк Hard to Love
Блэкпинк Hard to Love
Блэкпинк Хард ту лав

Ain't no magic tool to fix it
You should keep your distance
I'm only telling you because I care

'Cause I'm hard to love
Find it hard to trust
When it feels too good
I just fuck it up
You want all of me
I can't give that much
So don't fall too hard
'Cause I'm hard to love
(Hard to love)

Never meant to cause you a problem
Here I am yet once again with the same old story
You don't see the issues, I got 'em
Yeah, I do, yeah, it's true

I'll make it feel like heaven
But I swear I'm not a saint
And you won't see the truth
'Cause I'll be kissing it away
Yeah, I'll be all you need until I'm driving you insane
Baby, all I'm trying to do is savе you the pain