Burna Boy - Alone

Burna Boy - Alone
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  • Дата релиза: 20.11.2022
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Бурна Бой Алоне
Alone Burna Boy from Black Panther Wakanda Forever soundtrack
Чёрная пантера Ваканда навсегда Саундтрек

It's just another night
Just another fight for my life
It’s alright, because everything dies
Nobody know why
Wetin I go do?
Wetin you go do
When you feelin' like you fallin'
And you can’t find nothing to hold on to?

Memories, uh-oh, carry me, go
Carry me, go, oh-na, yeah
Sick and tired of it all, take me far away
Mr DJ, gbemi trabaye
Now man no fit trust anybody
Na hin make I no fit shout

My body don dey tire, eh
E make me madder, eh
My head don scatter, eh
My holy father, eh
My body don dey tire, eh
E make me madder, eh
Whеn my whole world is set on fire
Don't lеave me alone

Wetin you go do
Wetin you go do
When you're feelin like you're screamin' really loud
But nobody hears you
I see it in your eyes
I see in your eyes the betrayal and the lies
You've been pullin' out knives from your behind