BTS RM - Change pt.2

BTS RM - Change pt.2
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  • Дата релиза: 02.12.2022
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БТС РМ Change pt.2

I can't believe I loved you once
Fool me once, then fool me twice
Shame on you yeah shame on me
Think I lost my sanity
Chemistry we had for sure
Gradually we wanted more
Thеy say you can’t fix someone
Seems you got one fit you right

Fuck my intеrviews in years ago
I’m whole different, not that anymore
Fuck that wiki fuck all those infos
What a stranger, I don't know this fool

Things change, people change
Everything change
Things change, people change
Everything change
Love change, friends change
Everyone change
It is no strange
That's the world's shape

You gotta admit it
Don’t you get it still
Someday a great grief will do come for you
And then you’ll know it too
You can’t love someone like I do
That’s all I can say to you