NewJeans - OMG

NewJeans - OMG
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NewJeans (뉴진스) - OMG

이 노래는 it's about you, baby
Only you
You, you, you
You, you, you, you

[Verse 1: Hyein, Minji]
내가 힘들 때 울 것 같을 때 (Mm-hm)
기운도 이젠 나지 않을 때 (Mm-hm)
It's you, 날 걱정하네, it's you, 날 웃게하네
말 안 해도 돼, boy, what do you say?
[Pre-Chorus: Hyein, Danielle, Minji, Haerin]
(They keep on asking me, "Who is he?")
멀리든 언제든지 달려와
(They keep on asking me, "Who is he?")
바쁜 척도 없이 넌 나타나
(They keep on asking me, "Who is he?")
이게 말이 되니 난 물어봐
(They keep on asking me, "Who is he?")
너는 말야, he's the one that's living in my system, baby

[Chorus: Hanni, Danielle]
Oh my, oh my God, 예상했어 나
I was really hoping that he will come through
Oh my, oh my God, 단 너뿐이야
Asking all the time about what I should do

[Post-Chorus: Haerin, Hyein, Hanni]
No, I can never let him go (Ooh)
너만 생각나, twenty-four (Ooh)
난 행운아야 정말로 (Ooh)
I know, I know (Ooh)
널 알기 전까지는 나 (Ooh)
의미 없었어 전부 다 (Ooh)
내 맘이 끝이 없는 걸 (Ooh)
I know, I know, I'm going crazy, right?