Манескин - Kool kids

Манескин - Kool kids
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Måneskin - KOOL KIDS
Maneskin KOOL KIDS

Well, cool kids, they do not use floss
Marry me in the countryside
Honestly, I don't give a fuck
I’m addicted to rock and roll, yeah
Drinks up, beers up, make a toast for me
I am scum, real scum, but I'm good at this
We're not punk, we’re not pop, we're just music freaks
Spent two months in UK but I don't drink gin
Check my origins mate
Well, cool kids, they do not use drugs
Only weed 'cause it's not that strong
I'm a bitch and I have much fun
And I like doing things I love, yeah
'Cause I love that

Cool kids, cool kids
Cool kids, we are cool kids
Cool kids, cool kids
Cool kids only fuck cool kids
But cool kids they do not vomit
Or at least not in front of Vic
I know you think she's a hot chick
But I’m sorry, she prefers hot chicks